As a newer mom often will find, the all inclusive shoulder bag of baby items can easily crest the point of weighing even more than the new baby whose sweet belongings it contains.  There are so many things that you feel are indispensible from the wipe warmer to the bottle warmer, the nasal aspirator to the 10,000 diapers you begin to lug around.  It would be so much easier if someone would just create an all inclusive list of what you should have in that diaper bag.  You have come to the right place, never to disappoint here is just such a list:

What Every Mom Should Carry in a Diaper Bag 

(and a few items you never thought of)


-diapers (of course)

-wipes (no brainer)


-baby spoon

-extra pouch of baby food

-bags for stinky diapers (great ones here:

-change of baby clothes


-diaper crème (seriously, the sooner you start to treat that rash that creeps up the better!)

-change of clothes for baby

Now, those are all given items that even the most inexperienced of moms could easily figure out, but what about the unique items, the ones that you smack yourself across the forehead and say, “UGH, why didn’t I think to bring that (insert noun)!”  Who gives you a list of all those items?  We do…


     Seriously you may not have yet perfected the art of using the back of your hand to gauge the exact temperature of your infant, a simple digital thermometer slipped under the armpit can do wonders to ease your mind when baby looks flushed and starts a fever.  Just remember that most physicians will tell you that this temperature reading can be off by as much as 1 degree.

-Pain reliever

It is better to be the “prepared for any and all circumstances” when it comes to being a mom.  So if you need a quick fever reducer, teething reliever, or other issue remedied, you are all set without a trip to the pharmacy.

-Food bar for yourself

As a mom you will soon come to realize (if you haven’t already) that you are now in second place.  Your baby or children will always be at the forefront of your mind, even to the detriment of yourself, and you might actually forget to eat once in awhile.

-water bottle

Again with the be prepared for anything, you never know when you are going to be parched, need water for formula, need to help rinse sticky hands, whatever the case may be.

-stain stick

For baby’s clothes or yours, a simple laundry stain stick can be invaluable when your baby decides to share this morning’s spinach and apple puree all over your white top, or his for that matter.

-Feminine Hygiene items

A fortunate side effect of pregnancy is the lack of menstruation, some of us escape the inevitable for longer than others afterwards, especially if you are nursing.  However, it is bound to happen again and likely when you least expect it so be ready.

It has often been said that babies don’t come with a manual or handbook; at least now your diaper bag can come with one.  Stick with these items and you should be ready for most anything that is thrown your way.

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