It is important for kids to develop life skills, and they don’t always teach them in schools. One of the most important things to learn is how to cook. Knowing how to cook can serve you well throughout life. During college and university years, when many children have to rely on their own cooking for the first time, it is especially critical if they want to remain healthy.


Measuring, Mixing, Mashing

If you can start teaching this skill at a young age, it is ideal. However, teaching young children to cook can be hard. The kitchen can be a dangerous place with hot stoves, knives, and other obstacles. You want to be able to introduce children to cooking skills in a safe way. Think of easy tasks to start children working in the kitchen. Some good tasks are measuring, mixing, cutting soft items with plastic ware, putting ingredients in a bowls, and mashing.



Baking is a favorite easy way to start young children cooking. Most of the ingredients are not hot and you don’t have to use a range top for it. There is also a lot of measuring and mixing. The measuring can be a great learning opportunity for young minds. However, this isn’t the only type of cooking that you should focus on. Kids love the finished product of baking. While baking is easy, it isn’t the healthiest option.



A fun way to make healthy snacks, is to use fruit. Dried fruit chips or homemade fruit leather is easy to make. When making something like banana chips, it is easy to let young kids slice bananas with a plastic knife. They can also help layer out the fruit on trays for dehydrating. When making fruit leather, kids can help put fruit in the blender and push buttons. They can also help stain out seeds and spread the mixture on the drying trays. The best part of them helping with this, is they get to make their own yummy and healthy snacks.

Cooking with your kids will help you make treasured memories. It will also give them skills to last a lifetime.

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