The test has come back positive, you have shared the good news with your partner, but now comes the time to tell your toddler that they won’t be the only one for very much longer.  You have been doting on your sweet child for some time now.  They are the star of the show both for you and likely for the grandparents as well.  They have been given all the toys, the books, the attention and the love.  However, changes are coming because now they will have to share.  You may even find yourself wondering, “How can I love another baby as much as I love this little person?”  Don’t worry; every parent has felt that way at some point.  Be assured though that you have enough love to go around, it doesn’t simply run out.

How does one reassure that perfect little angel that this is going to be an exciting time that they should look forward to?  Start by taking stock of how you present the concept to your child.  We often set the tone without even realizing it by the way we provide information.  If you are upbeat, excited and speak to your child as though you have the most amazing secret, they will inadvertently become excited as well.  You could visit Pinterest for some really creative ideas about how to share the good news of a pending arrival and make this quite a fun event.

Once you have shared the good news start preparing your toddler by letting them become involved in the preparations.  Maybe your toddler picks out a special blanket to place in the crib for the new baby, or chooses a favorite book to share with the new baby.  You could also place a picture of your toddler in the baby’s room and assure them of just how important a role that they will have by being the big sibling.

Talk about the new baby often and always with a tone of excitement.  Prepare your toddler for how things will happen.  Talk to your child about how long you will be away when you go to the hospital and what it will be like for them.  For example, do they get to go to grandma’s house or have some special time with friends?  As the time nears use a paper chain to help count down the days until the new baby arrives at home.

By setting the tone of excitement and anticipation you will be able to help your toddler transition into their role as a new big sibling.  This will be an exciting time for the entire family and by sharing it as such with your toddler you are ensuring that it will be a much easier transition as well.  You could even bring a new stack of books out when the new baby arrives and tell your toddler that when it is time to feed the baby your toddler gets to be in charge of selecting the story you read to both of them.  Enjoy the journey mama and congratulations!

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