Returning from maternity leave can be a very stressful experience for both you and your baby. There will be a dramatic change to your schedule, caretakers need to be employed, and an emotional disruptions may arise from the separation between you and your baby.

Even if you’re feeling excited to return to your old work life, it’s going to be stressful. For your child, who has become so attuned with your feelings, will also undergo a great deal of stress. In order to make this transition back into your work life smoothly, there’s a few things you can do.


The first couple weeks will be an obstacle between handling your work life and additional mom responsibilities. Organizing all the essential parts of your schedule is going to go a long way toward handing all the logistical issues that will arise.

Create weekly schedules that details who cares for the baby, times to pick them up and drop them off, what’s for dinner, when is dinner made, household chores and all the other duties your life demands.

Keeping yourself on a regular schedule and especially your baby on a regular schedule is going to make the return from maternity that much more manageable.



After almost a year away from work, you may be surprised to find that some of your uniform or work gear is no long fitting as well as it should be. Go out and replace that old gear by getting the right fit to improve your comfort and decrease your stress upon your return.

Being a mom and a nurse like me are both highly demanding jobs. They both keep you up at night and you’re always on your toes. You need to get the best nursing shoes to give yourself that added hint of relief during the hectic rush at the end of your shift and back to your baby.



If the previous scheduling is intimidating you may think that getting back into shape is an absolute impossibility. It shouldn’t be.

Getting back in shape does not mean getting a gym membership and making a big life change. Instead, adding a little physical activity into your daily routine will boost your brain power, elevate your mood, and keep you on task.

While getting in shape may be a dreaded thing to do, consider the positive effects it will have on your life and indirectly on your baby.



Luckily for me as a nurse, I can pick up just a few shifts a week to ease the financial stress on our household. There are many careers that you can go back to part time after parental leave has ended and it’s important to discuss this with your boss when considering a return to work.



It can actually be great for moms to go back to work. It’s nice not just to be seen as someone’s mom, to have conversations about meaningful topics, to use your brain and to mingle with co-workers. Even just having a quick lunch break to yourself can make it worth while to head back to work for a few days a week.

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