Having parented both sexes at this point I am here to tell you that boys are just…different.  Don’t get me wrong, they are a joy and I love my sweet boys but the parenting part with boys can be somewhat challenging.  I really thought I was alone in some of these observations, that is until I began chatting with other moms.  The truth is…there seem to be some universal truths that mothers of boys know.  Are you curious?

1.  Boys have a hard time not peeing on everything

Have you ever seen a male dog mark his territory?  I’m not kidding, that is what it reminds me of.  Little boys, from the time they learn to aim, have an insatiable need to just relieve themselves anywhere.  I once saw a little boy in the parking lot of a church, in his Sunday best of course, doing just this on the tire of the family car.  I know it isn’t just my kid.

2.  They cannot avoid dirt

They find it, they roll in it, they end up with it crevices you did not know even existed.  Their clothes will almost always have some evidence of dirt or stains all over them.  If boys are in a field and there is one puddle, they will find it.

3.  They kind of smell

I don’t even mean the adolescent body odor smell, I mean something else entirely.  They have an odor that can somewhat be likened to that of a hamster cage when they have been out playing hard.  A mom can take any young boy, ensure that they have bathed and smell fabulous, but within 10-15 minutes of hard play, even if they are not yet a hormonal adolescent, they have an odor.

4.   They know everything

I know a few girls like this too but it does seem that this is a pervasive theme with young boys.  They know everything and they will likely tell you tall tales about it.  If you know about trees, they know more.  If you are a whiz at math, they likely can do the problems faster, or so they think.  It is kind of a know-it-all attitude that seems to permeate the male mentality for some years, that is, until they figure out that there are some things that haven’t figured out yet.

5.  They love their mamas

  There is nothing like the love of your little boy.  One who can rough house, play to get dirty, smell kinda funky, know everything you had hoped to teach them (already) and then they can melt you with a simple bouquet of flowers.  They can snuggle your shoulder during a movie and it makes all those grass stains worth it.  They can irritate you to no end but then turn on the charm and melt your heart.

All that being said raising boys is so very different.  I wouldn’t change it for the world, though I may need a new washing machine soon.

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