Having children changes your life.  Seriously, it changes the way you think, the way you make decisions, the way you interact with your partner, it changes everything.  That being said there is no greater experience in the world than becoming a mother, nothing more rewarding or fulfilling.   However, I am here to tell you that there are a few things I wish I had known first…

1.  You will never languish with a cup of coffee for hours on a Saturday morning again

Seriously, I can hardly remember what that was like at this point.  When a mom drinks her cup of coffee it is, more often than not, either reheated multiple times or all too often, consumed cold. Out with girlfriends for a fancy brew? Forget it, that was a fantasy from a very long time ago.

2.  Privacy in the bathroom…it doesn’t exist.

It’s gone ladies.  There is no more ability to take a shower in peace or use the facilities

without interruption.  Just when you are lathering up your luxurious locks there will likely be a little voice, a cry or scream, or a knock.  There will likely even be creatures that stick their fingers under

the crack in the door while whining for you to let them in.

3. Gone are the days of enjoying your hot plate of food.

You will either be sharing it, it will be cold because you are helping cut someone else’s food, or worst case scenario, your toddler may sneeze on it.  On a rare occasion that you sneak out with your partner for a solitary dinner, you won’t know what to do with yourself.

4.  You will beg, borrow, and steal for a quiet house during naptime

Yes, you may become that mom who puts a note on her front door for the mail carrier, complete with a death threat, if he should even think about ringing the bell.

5. You will never love a creature so much again…that is until you have another child.

There is absolutely nothing that can compare to the chasm of love and protection that swells in you when you become a mother.  It is totally indescribable.  You would lay down your life for this little one, and the siblings that may come.  You will even spend hours just watching the precious babe sleep because you are in awe of the miracle of life you have been given.

I wish I had known all of these things, and maybe a few more (like how in the world to get crayon off my designer purse) before I became a mom.  Being a mother is a job unlike any other.  The pay stinks, the employees complain, there is sleep deprivation and you are on call round the clock with no breaks.  However, it is the BEST job you will ever have and at the end of a long hard day, just seeing that sleeping angel or angels makes you realize just how blessed you truly are.

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