There is a secret out there in the realm of motherhood. This is a secret that women in faraway lands know but somehow most of us have never been introduced to.  It’s a secret that will lead to babies being less fussy, mothers having less stress, breastfeeding being smoother, and running errands being easier.  What is this secret you ask?  Baby wearing.  Wearing your baby has an almost infinite number of benefits and is a concept that women from many cultures take for granted.  Those women who know the secret have been taught this from a very early age and have seen their mothers, grandmothers, aunties, and neighbors all strapped to a baby.  We have much to learn.

1.  Wearing  your baby makes your life simpler.

It is amazing what you can accomplish when both hands are free and a baby is content.  Let’s face it, you need your hands to do most tasks and when baby is content you can actually get the house cleaned, fold the laundry, and maybe even have a latte with a girlfriend.

2.  Babies who are worn are content.

What more do most babies want than to be cuddled and be close to mom or dad?  Wearing your baby keeps baby secure and happy because they are right where they want to be, however, your hands can be free to do what needs to be done.

3.  Baby wearing makes breastfeeding easier.

When you have your baby with you and close to you, you are much more able to read baby’s cues.  Breastfeeding is facilitated as many carriers can lend themselves well to allowing baby to nurse, even in public, without having to show the world what you are doing.  This is especially true of the wrap and sling type carriers.

4.  Wearing baby is perfect for dads.

Yes, dads can baby wear too and it is a perfect way for them to bond with baby.  There are a number of carriers out there designed for dads, ones that look a bit more macho.  By wearing baby dads can play a much more active part and even give moms back a rest.  Dads are able to bond with baby in this way and baby learns to see dad as an intimate caregiver too.

5. Baby wearing means less to pack.

It is so much easier to pack a light baby carrier than to lug a stroller or infant car seat around.  Most carriers will be little more than fabric that you can fold up or keep stored in a larger diaper bag so that whenever you need it, it’s there.  No more accidentally forgetting the stroller at home and having tired arms after a visit out.

A warning with these suggestions though…baby wearing can become such a part of your life that you may feel the need to invest in an array of carriers for your everyday needs.  Once you get hooked you will find yourself wondering why in the world every mom doesn’t wear their babies!

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